Table of Contents

Drought tolerance in crops: physiology to genomics / Lakshmi Praba Manavalan and Henry T. Nguyen.
Reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress in plants / Vadim Demidchik.
Salinity stress: physiological constraints and adaptive mechanisms / Sergey Shabala and Rana Munns.
Chilling stress / Eric Ruelland and Sylvie Collin.
Heat stress / Anthony E. Hall.
Frost tolerance in plants / Lawrence V. Gusta and Michael Wisniewski.
Flooding tolerance in plants / Chiara Pucciariello and Pierdomenico Perata.
Plant adaptations to aluminium toxicity / Peter R. Ryan and Emmanuel Delhaize.
Soil pH extremes / Andre Läuchli and Stephen R. Grattan.
Heavy metal toxicity in plants / Philip J. White.
Desiccation tolerance / Jill M. Farrant, Keren Cooper, and Hanlie Nell.
UV-B radiation: from stressor to regulatory signal / Marcel A.K. Jansen.
Biotic stress signalling: calcium mediated pathogen defence programs / Yi Ma and Gerald A. Berkowitz.