Table of Contents

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Dedication: Kenneth J. Frey: Oat Breeder, Educator, and Champion of Plant Breeding / Ann Marie Thro, Larry Robertson.
Strategies for Enhancing Grain Yield in Maize / M Tollenaar, E A Lee.
Quality Protein Maize: Progress and Prospects / G N Atlin, N Palacios, R Babu, B Das, S Twumasi-Afriyie, D K Friesen, H De Groote, B Vivek, K V Pixley.
Vegetative Phase Change in Maize: Biotic Resistance and Agronomic Performance / M A Chandler, E S Riedeman, W F Tracy.
Plant Interspecific Hybridization: Outcomes and Issues at the Intersection of Species / Ed R Morgan, Gail M Timmerman-Vaughan, Anthony J Conner, William B Griffin, Richard Pickering.
DNA-Based Identification of Clonally Propagated Cultivars / Hilde Nybom, Kurt Weising.
Designing Marker-Assisted Inbred Line Development Strategies Using Computer Simulation / Guoyou Ye, M van Ginkel. Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops widely grown today stem from a very narrow genetic base; understanding and preserving crop genetic resources is vital to the security of food systems worldwide. The emphasis of the series is on methodology, a fundamental understanding of crop genetics, and applications to major crops.