Table of Contents

Overview of intervention mapping.
Core processes: using evidence, theory, and new research.
Behavior-oriented theories used in health promotion.
Environment-oriented theories.
Intervention mapping steps.
Intervention mapping step 1: needs assessment.
Intervention mapping step 2: preparing matrices of change objectives.
Intervention mapping step 3: selecting theory-informed intervention methods and practical strategies.
Intervention mapping step 4: producing program components and materials.
Intervention mapping step 5: planning program adoption, implementation, and sustainability.
Intervention mapping step 6: planning for evaluation.
Case studies.
A school HIV-prevention program in the Netherlands / Herman Schaalma and Gerjo Kok.
Asthma management for inner-city children / Christine Markham ... [et al.].
Theory and context in project PANDA: a program to help postpartum women stay off cigarettes / Patricia Dolan Mullen, Carlo C. DiClemente, and L. Kay Bartholomew.
Cultivando la salud / María Fernández ... [et al.]