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Planning and Task Performance in a Second Language; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Preface; I. Introduction; 1. Planning and task-based performance; II. Task rehearsal; 2. Integrative planning through the use of task-repetition; III. Strategic planning; 3. What do learners plan?; 4. The effects of focusing on meaning and form in strategic planning; 5. The effects of strategic planning on the oral narratives of learners with low and high intermediate L2 proficiency; IV. Within-task planning. The last decade has seen a growing body of research investigating various aspects of L2 learners' performance of tasks. This book focuses on one task implementation variable: planning. It considers theories of how opportunities to plan a task affect performance and tests claims derived from these theories in a series of empirical studies. The book examines different types of planning (i.e. task rehearsal, pre-task planning and within-task planning), addressing both what learners do when they plan and the effects of the different types of planning on L2 production. The choice of planning as th.