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Karjalan Pyhäjärven vesien ja vesiluonnon suojelusuunnitelma. Lake Pyhäjärvi, in Karelia, is an oligotrophic transboundary lake between Finland and Russia. It is a valuable clear water lake for fishing, recreation, research and nature protection. It belongs to several local and national monitoring programmes. The lake is loaded mainly by non-point sources such as forestry and agriculture. The anthropogenic impact is evident on the Finnish side, whereas the Russian side is considered almost pristine. The lake is very vulnerable to changes. Deterioration of water quality was noticed in the 1980's. The water conservation done in 1990's improved the water quality. Water protection is still needed at the lake, but it requires cooperation between authorities, local people, doers and industries. This report introduces the lake and its catchment, summarises the land use, loading sources and quantity of the load and presents the present state of the lake. In the end are introduced the water protection measures of different fields usable at Lake Pyhäjärvi. Planen för vattenskyddet och skyddet av vattenmiljön i Karelska Pyhäjärvi.