Table of Contents

Section I: Fundamentals: Thermodynamics for molecular biology.
Noncovalent interactions between atoms and molecules.
Aqueous solutions.
Kinetics: a brief review.
Isotopes and radioactivity.
Mass spectrometry ; Section II: Visualizing macromolecules : Scattering of radiation by molecules.
Microscopy and scanning probes.
Crystallography ; Section III: Spectroscopy : Absorption and emission of light.
Circular dichroism.
Vibrational spectroscopy.
Nuclear magnetic resonance.
Electron magnetic / paramagnetic / spin resonance ; Section IV: Transport in solution : Hydrodynamics: Movements of molecules in solution.
Sedimentation by centrifugation.
Molecular sieves: gel filtration / size exclusion chromatography ; Section V: Interactions between molecules : Ligand binding.
Interactions of immobilized macromolecules.