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Phosphorus in Action; Preface; Reference; Contents; Contributors; Part I: Methods; Chapter 1: Soil Organic Phosphorus Speciation Using Spectroscopic Techniques; Chapter 2: Characterization of Phosphorus Forms in Soil Microorganisms; Chapter 3: The Use of Tracers to Investigate Phosphate Cycling in Soil-Plant Systems; Chapter 4: Molecular Approaches to the Study of Biological Phosphorus Cycling; Chapter 5: Modelling Phosphorus Dynamics in the Soil-Plant System; Part II: Processes; Chapter 6: Role of Mycorrhizal Symbioses in Phosphorus Cycling. Phosphorus (P) is a finite resource which is essential for life. It is a limiting nutrient in many ecosystems but also a pollutant which can affect biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems and change the ecology of water bodies. This book collects the latest information on biological processes in soil P cycling, which to date have remained much less understood than physico-chemical processes. The methods section presents spectroscopic techniques and the characterization of microbial P forms, as well as the use of tracers, molecular approaches and modeling of soil-plant systems. The section on pr.