Table of Contents

Cover; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Preface; Publisher's Note; Part 1: Nietzsche the Man; 1. Boyhood & Youth; 2. The Beginnings of the Philosopher; 3. Blazing a New Path; 4. The Prophet of the Superman; 5. The Philosopher and the Man; Part 2: Nietzsche the Philosopher; 6. Dionysus vs. Apollo; 7. The Origin of Morality; 8. Beyond Good and Evil; 9. The Superman; 10. Eternal Recurrence; 11. Christianity; 12. Truth; 13. Civilization; 14. Women and Marriage; 15. Government; 16. Crime and Punishment; 17. Education; 18. Sundry Ideas; 19. Nietzsche vs. Wagner; Part 3: Nietzsche the Prophet. 20. Nietzsche's Origins21. Nietzsche and His Critics; Appendix A: How to Study Nietzsche; Appendix B: Recommended Reading; Index. The first book on Nietzsche ever to appear in English, this examination by legendary journalist H.L. Mencken is still one of the most enlightening. Mencken wrote this book while still in his 20s, but his penchant for thoroughness was evident even at that young age--in preparation for writing this book, he read Nietzsche's works in their entirety, mostly in the original German. A brief biographical sketch is followed by clear and thorough explanations of Nietzsche's basic concepts and attitudes. Analyzed are Nietzsche's much-misunderstood concept of the superman, his concept of eternal recurren.