Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Thinking Plurality: An Introduction; Part 1 Being and Appearing; Plurality and the Disintegration of Difference; Plurality and the Question of God; Decentered-ness: Phenomenological Explorations; Part 2 Identity and Community; Reinventing the Wheel: Of Sovereignty, Autobiography, and Deconstruction; Identity or Identities? The In-Between of "No Longer and Not Yet"; Towards a Community of the Plural: Philosophical Pluralism, Hermeneutics, and Practice; The Responsibility to Understand; Philosophy in the Plural: A View from Radical Exteriority. Part 3 Conceptualizing PluralityOrigin, Freedom, and Gelassenheit: On Heidegger's Second "Country Path Conversation"; The Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach to Plurality: Arendt, Habermas, and Gadamer; A System of Heterogenesis: Deleuze on Plurality; Deciding on Plurality? Plato's Parmenides between Badiou and Agamben; Index. Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality offers twelve essays that discuss how the question of plurality is thought in contemporary continental philosophy. Its essays investigate how this issue influences topics in ontology, aesthetics, and social and political philosophy.