Table of Contents

Pharmacy practice research : evidence and impact.
Research methodologies related to pharmacy practice : an overview.
Quantitative methods in pharmacy practice research.
Qualitative methods in pharmacy practice research.
Action research in pharmacy practice.
Participatory action research in pharmacy practice.
Mixed methods research in pharmacy practice.
Applying organisational theory in pharmacy practice research.
Applying pharmacoeconomics in community and hospital pharmacy research.
Concept mapping and pattern matching in pharmacy practice research.
Pharmacoepidemiological approaches in health care.
The future of pharmacy practice research.
Pharmacists' attitudes towards pharmacy practice research : a review. This book presents a contemporary view of pharmacy practice research covering theories, methodologies, models and techniques that are applicable. It has thirteen chapters covering the range of quantitative, qualitative, action research and mixed methods as well as management theories underpinning change in pharmacy practice. ℓ́ℓPharmacy Practice Research Methodsℓ́ℓ examines the evidence and impact as well as explores the future. Pharmacy practice is rapidly transforming and it is vital for students and academic researchers and to not only understand techniques and methodologies, but as champions to nurture the field. There is a literature in this area but few integrated texts which cover the wide range of pharmacy practice including methodologies, evidence, practice and policy. This book provides a solid foundation for exploring these phenomenon further, and is expected to serve as a valuable resource for academics, students, policy makers and professional organisations.