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Multi-component crystalline materials (salts and co-crystals) have received renewed interest due to their importance in the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmaceutical co-crystals and salts represent an emerging class of pharmaceutical materials offering the prospect of optimized physical properties, giving new, stable and patentable solid forms. These multi-component crystalline forms influence relevant physico-chemical parameters such as solubility, dissolution rate, chemical stability, melting point, and hygroscopicity, which can result in solids with properties superior to those of the free drug. This book covers the hot topic of pharmaceutical salts and co-crystals focusing on the following essential aspects an overview of fundamental aspects on salts and co-crystals, racemic resolution via diastereomer separation, optimization of relevant physico-chemical parameters and strengthening of intellectual property. Combining both reports of the latest research and comprehensive overviews of basic principles, with contributions from selected experts in both academia and industry, this unique book is an essential reference, ideal for pharmaceutical development scientists and graduate students in pharmaceutical science.