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This book discusses the potential to enhance the dermatology profession's valuable pattern recognition, diagnostic, and treatment skills via the evolution of modern medical techniques, including the advent of personalized medicine and genomics. These are now easily accessible and enable the customization of healthcare using molecular analysis to influence medical decisions, practices, and therapies for the individual patient. The evolution of the skin, and the manner in which dermatological conditions are described and managed, reveals the need to consider many aspects on a personal level. In addition, as more is understood about the biology of the skin and how the introduction of new antibiotics, biologics, and other therapies affect our skin's ecological balance, this book aims to create a heightened sense of the importance and offerings of ecological dermatology. Personalized, Evolutionary, and Ecological Dermatology brings together the major biological topics and succinctly summarizes how the addition of personalized medicine with an evolutionary and ecological perspective, if used carefully and ethically, can assist dermatologists in becoming more successful treatment providers.