Table of Contents

Adolescent coping styles and task-specific responses: does style foreshadow action? / Michelle Andrews, Mary Ainley, and Erica Frydenberg.
The relationship between coping strategies, decision coping patterns, and self-efficacy in adolescence / Leon Mann ... [et al.].
Implicit theories of personality predict motivation to use prosocial coping responses after bullying in high school / David Scott Yeager and Adriana S. Miu.
Coping styles and anxiety among female victims of bullying / Katherine Poynton and Erica Frydenberg.
Understanding adolescent risk-taking behavior: exploring the motivations, personalities, and coping styles of young people in a school-based population / Nicola Cogan and Matthias Schwannauer.
The relationship between positive development during the transition to adulthood and education, temperament, and personality / Meredith O'Connor, Ann Sanson, and Erica Frydenberg.
Optimism, emotional support, and depression among first-year university students: implications for psychological functioning within the educational setting / Melina Condren and Esther R. Greenglass.
College students' meaning making following significant loss / Crystal L. Park and Craig L. Esposito.
Implicit theories of personality, stress, and coping of Chinese nursing students / Joanne Chan Chung Yan.
Relationships of big five traits and coping mechanisms with college grade point average / Gretchen M. Reevy.
Personality traits, preventive coping, and self-care in master's level counselor training / Minda Markle and Christopher J. McCarthy.
"You are who you are": a mixed-method study of affectivity and emotion regulation in curbing teacher burnout / Russell L. Carson ... [et al.].
Building inner resilience in teachers and students / Linda Lantieri ... [et al.].
Personality hardiness as a pathway to resilience under educational stresses / Salvatore R. Maddi.