Table of Contents

Introduction : Framing the issues / James E. Katz and Mark A. Aakhus.
Finland : a mobile culture / Jukka-Pekka Puro.
Israel : chutzpah and chatter in the Holy Land / Amit Schejter and Akiba Cohen.
Italy : stereotypes, true and false / Leopoldina Fortunati.
Korea : personal meanings / Shin Dong Kim.
United States : popular, pragmatic and problematic / Kathleen A. Robbins and Martha A. Turner.
France : preserving the image / Christian Licoppe and Jean-Philippe Heurtin.
The Netherlands and the USA compared / Enid Mante.
Bulgaria : mobile phones as post-communist cultural icons / Valentin Varbanov.
Hyper-coordination via mobile phones in Norway / Richard Ling and Birgitte Yttri.
Mobile culture of children and teenagers in Finland / Eija-Liisa Kasesniemi and Pirjo Rautiainen.
Pretense of intimacy in France / Chantal de Gournay.
Mobile phone consumption and concepts of personhood / Dawn Nafus and Karina Tracey.
The challenge of absent presence / Kenneth J. Gergen.
From mass society to perpetual contact : models of communication technologies in social context / James B. Rule.
Mobiles and the Norwegian teen : identity, gender and class / Berit Skog --The telephone comes to a Filipino village / Georg Strøm.
Beginnings in the telephone / Emanuel A. Schegloff.
Conclusion : Making meaning of mobiles.
a theory of Apparatgeist / James E. Katz and Mark A. Aakhus.
On "opening sequencing" : a framing statement ; Opening sequencing / Emanuel A. Schegloff. Perpetual Contact studies the impact of the mobile phone on contemporary society. Providing an overview of mobile phones and social interaction, the book covers key issues, contains a series of national studies, and examines specific issues.