Table of Contents

A history of transfusion / Bruce D. Spiess and Richard K. Spence.
The contemporary economics of transfusions / Timothy J. Hannon and Kathy Paulson Gjerde.
Blood supplies now and in the future / Mike Fitzpatrick.
Medical ethics, transfusion, and the standard of practice / Kenneth Kipnis.
Oxygen transport monitoring: the basis for developing transfusion triggers / Kevin R. Ward and Ivo P. Torres Filho.
Physiology of anemia and red blood cell transfusion / Howard L. Corwin and Paul C. Hébert.
Physiology of hemostasis / Wayne L. Chandler.
Platelet physiology: cellular and protein interactions / Christine S. Rinder.
Iron metabolism and erythopoiesis / Kenneth R. Bridges.
New concepts in oxygen transport / Aryeh Shander ... [et al.].
Infectious risks of transfusion / Eberhard W. Fiebig and Michael P. Busch --. Acute gastrointestinal bleeding and transfusion management / Richard Peterson, Patricia Parce, and Richard K. Spence.
Coagulation in trauma: dilution and massive transfusion / Richard K. Spence and Anthony Martinez.
Coagulation product use in the perioperative period / Richard K. Spence and Aryeh Shander.
Perioperative coagulation monitoring / Linda Shore-Lesserson and Bruce D. Spiess.
Surgery in patients with acquired platelet and clotting deficiencies / Richard K. Spence and Andrew Green.
Surgery in patients with congenital clotting deficiencies / Richard K. Spence and Andrew Green.
Perioperative implications of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy / Jeffrey A. Green.
Pharmacological approaches to prevent or decrease bleeding in surgical patients / Jerrold H. Levy.
Fibrin glue and platelet gel / Bruce Searles and Cody Trowbridge --. Anesthesia techniques in blood conservation / Aryeh Shander and Tanuja Rijhwani.
Perioperative red cell salvage and autotransfusion / Jonathan H. Waters.
Intraoperative acute nomovolemic hemodilution / Aryeh Shander and Tanuja Rijhwani.
Hypothermia and hemorrhage / Richard P. Dutton.
Surgery in patients with red cell disorders: sickle hemoglobinopathies, polycythemia, and autoimmune hemolytic anemia / Imoigele P. Aisiku.
Surgery in the Jehovah's Witness / Richard K. Spence ... [et al.].
Coagulation, transfusion, and cardiac surgery / Simon S. Body and David S. Morse.
Blood loss and transfusion alternatives in vascular surgery / Richard K. Spence.
Solid organ transplantation / Nicolas Jabbour, S. Ram Kumar, and Singh Gagandeep.
Blood use in orthopedic surgery / E. Michael Keating and John B. Meding --. Blood management in obstetrics and gynecology / Arnold J. Friedman.
Hemorrhage in pediatric patients / Thomas V. Whalen.
Transfusion in oncologic surgery / Patricia A. Ford and Jason Mastoris.
Transfusion and coagulation dysfunction in neurosurgery / Robert S. Graham and J. Chris Zacko.
Transfusion and outcome / Bruce D. Spiess, Aryeh Shander, and Richard K. Spence.
The transfusion decision / Aryeh Shander and Bruce D. Spiess Undertransfusion / Richard K. Spence and Aryeh Shander.
A philosophy of blood management / Aryeh Shander, Richard K. Spence, and Bruce D. Spiess. Immunomodulation by transfusion / Neil Blumberg and Joanna M. Heal.
Serious acute transfusion reactions / Ira A. Shulman and Aryeh Shander.
A surgeon's guide to blood banking and transfusion medicine / Kimberly W. Sanford and Susan D. Roseff.
Blood storage / Ian Chin-Yee and Richard K. Spence.
Quality control and hospital blood utilization / Kathleen Walsh-Kaminsky.
Preoperative autologous donation / Francesco Mercuriali, Giovanni Inghilleri, and Richard K. Spence.
Erythropoetin therapy / Lawrence T. Goodnough.
Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers / Gregory M.T. Hare and C. David Mazer.
Perfluorocarbon emulsions: artificial gas transport media / Bruce D. Spiess.
Initial resuscitation of the hemorrhaging patient / Richard P. Dutton.
Transfusion and coagulation therapy in trauma and burns / James K. Wright, Harriet W. Hopf, and Lewis J. Kaplan --.