Table of Contents

List of Illustrations Series Preface Acknowledgements Cities of War, Cities of Exile: Introduction PART I: BELGRADE - THE CITY OF SPECTACLE City-as-Action At the Confluence of Utopia and Seduction Epilogue: Endemic Geopathologies Part II: SARAJEVO: IMAGINARIES AND EMBODIMENTS Waiting for Godot: Sarajevo and its Interpretations City-as-Body Theatricality vs. Bare Life Theatre as Ideal City PART III: CITY OF EXILE In the Comfort of Non-Place Bibliography Index. Over 20 years after the war in Yugoslavia, this book looks back at its two most iconic cities and the phenomenon of exile emerging as a consequence of living in them in the 1990s. It uses examples ranging from street interventions to theatre performances to explore the making of urban counter-sites through theatricality and utopian performatives.