Table of Contents

Biopsy devices and techniques.
CT-guided biopsy.
Radiation protection during CT-guided interventions.
Ultrasound-guided biopsy.
MRI-guided biopsy.
Fluoroscopy-guided biopsy.
Advanced tools and devices: navigation technologies, automation, and robotics in percutaneous interventions.
Pathologic evalution of tissues obtained by interventional radiology techniques.
Biopsy of head and neck lesions.
Biopsy of mediastinal lesions.
Percutaneous transthoracic lung biopsy.
Pleural biopsy.
Liver biopsy.
Percutaneous biopsy of the pancreas.
Spleen biopsy.
Adrenal gland biopsy.
Renal mass biopsy.
Percutaneous and transjugular kidney biopsy.
Nodes and soft tissue masses involving the retroperitoneum, mesentery, omentum and peritoneal ligaments.
Biopsy of pelvic lesions.
MRI-guided prostate biopsy.
Biopsy of the spine.
Anatomic guidelines and approaches for biopsy of the long bones.
Musculoskeletal biopsies: extremities. This book provides a comprehensive source for all aspects of percutaneous image-guided biopsy. A synthesis of rationale, technique and evidence-based medicine, it offers a clear approach to imaging, devices, procedures and patient care.