Table of Contents

[Sect. 1] Roots and persisting issues.
1. A context for the second half of the century : one view / Julian Hochberg.
2. Philosophy, perception and congitive science / Mark Rollins.
3. Consciousness and mind as philosophical problems and psychological issues / George Mandler.
[Sect. 2] The informed present : where we are and how we got there.
4. Information from the world around us / James E. Cutting.
5. Illusions at century's end / Barbara J. Gillam.
6. Pictures and their special status in perceptual and cognitive inquiry / James E. Cutting and Manfredo Massironi.
7. The internalization of perceptual processing constraints / Dennis R. Proffitt and Mary K. Kaiser.
8. A century of human information-processing theory : vision, attention, and memory / Barbara Anne Dosher and George Sperling.
9. Gestalt theory and its legacy : organization in eye and brain, in attention and mental representation / Julian Hochberg.
10. Vision fin de siècle : a reductionist explanation of perception for the 21st century? / Ken Nakayama.
11. Nature, nurture, and development / Elizabeth S. Spelke.
12. Language and action : current challenges / Charles E. Wright and Barbara Landau.
13. Concepts and categorization / Douglas L. Medin and John D. Coley.
14. Imagery, visualization, and thinking / P.N. Johnson-Laird. This book covers fields concerned with how we perceive and think about the real and represented world, and the processes that occur in our minds as we do so. These fields are increasingly important to our lives and work, and are rapidly changing in ways that require knowledge of adjacent fields and the historical context to be intelligible.