Table of Contents

Adolescent medicine / Mark F. Ditmar.
Behavior and development / Mark F. Ditmar.
Cardiology / Thomas J Starc, Constance J. Hayes, and Allan J. Hordof.
Dermatology / Kimberly D. Morel, Vivian A. Lombillo, and Maria C. Garzon.
Emergency medicine / Joan Bregstien, Cindy Ganis Roskind, and F. Meridith Sonnett.
Endocrinology / Sharon E. Oberfield, Mary Pat Gallagher, and Daniel Esten Hale.
Gastroenterology / Andrew B. Grossman and Chris A. Liacouras.
Genetics / Kwame Anyane-Yeboa.
Hematology / Steven E. McKenzie.
Immunology / Georg A. Hollander and Anders Fasth.
Infectious diseases / Mark F. Ditmar.
Neonatology / Philip Roth.
Nephrology / Robert L. Seigle and Martin A. Nash.
Neurology / Kent R. Kelley.
Oncology / Richard Aplenc, Emily G. Lipsitz, and Peter C. Adamson.
Orthopedics / Benjamin D. Roye.
Pulmonology / Robert W. Wilmott and Bradley A. Becker.
Rheumatology / Carlos D. Rose ... [et al.]. Top 100 Secrets 1. Adolescent Medicine 2. Behavior and Development 3. Cardiology 4. Dermatology 5. Emergency Medicine 6. Endocrinology 7. Gastroenterology 8. Genetics 9. Hematology 10. Immunology 11. Infectious Diseases 12. Neonatology 13. Nephrology 14. Neurology 15. Oncology 16. Orthopedics 17. Pulmonology 18. Rheumatology. Pediatric Secrets is an easy-to-read, best-selling volume in the Secrets Series, perfect for use in clerkships, for board prep, or as a handy clinical reference. Richard A. Polin, MD and Mark F. Ditmar, MD present essential questions and answers to help you better meet the challenges you face every day. Stay current with the proven question and answer format of the highly acclaimed Secrets Series. Master all common conditions and their treatments. Identify key facts and secrets using the Top 100 Secrets section. Review material quickly thanks to bulleted lists, tables, and short answers. Apply pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets" from experts in the field.