Table of Contents

Structuring "Greece": Pausanias's Periegesis as a literary construct / Jaś Elsner.
Inspiration and aspiration: date, genre, and readership / Ewen Bowie.
Pausanias and his guides / C.P. Jones.
Tourism and the sacred: Pausanias and the traditions of Greek pilgrimage / Ian Rutherford.
Reflections on context / Mario Torelli.
The joys of Pausanias / David Konstan.
Ideals and ruins: Pausanias, Longinus, and the second sophistic / James I. Porter.
Art, myth, and travel in the Hellenistic world / Ada Cohen.
Pausanias and the chest of Kypselos / A.M. Snodgrass.
The peculiar book IV and the problem of the Messenian past / Susan E. Alcock.
Meanwhile, back in Italy ... : creating landscapes of allusion / Bettina Bergmann.
Sparta's Pausanias: another Laconian past / Paul Cartledge.
A temple worth seeing: Pausanias, travelers, and the narrative landscape at Nemea / Susan Buck Sutton.
Pausanias and the topographers: the case of Colonel Leake / J.M. Wagstaff.
Farnell's Cults: the making and breaking of Pausanias in Victorian archaeology and anthropology / John Henderson.
"Pausanias in petticoats," or The Blue Jane / Mary Beard.
"The other in the note": Chateaubriand's rediscovery of ancient Sparta / Stephen Bann.
Travel, nostalgia, and Pausanias's giant / John F. Cherry.
Coda: a pictorial postscript / Jaś Elsner.