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Pattern and Process; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Chapter 1. Why Whitehead?; Chapter 2. A Whiteheadian approach to natural dialogue; Chapter 3. The language system: Language as systematized expression; Chapter 4. The content side of language; Chapter 5. Language processing and the mind/brain; Chapter 6. Understanding written texts: Imaginary worlds; Chapter 7. The historical transmission of language; Chapter 8. Language as organism or eternal object; Chapter 9. Whitehead and linguistic metatheory; Appendix 1. Whitehead 's position within modern philosophy. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the relevance to linguistics today of Whitehead's philosophy of organism. Although largely ignored by linguists, Whitehead has in fact much to say as regards the cognitive processes underpinning language pattern. His theory of symbolism conceives of language as the 'systematization of expression', and relates meaning to feeling (in the broadest sense). The Whiteheadian perspective allows a synthesis of the psychological and the social approaches to language that does not fall into one or another fashionable form of reductionism. The volume represents a.