Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Colour Plates.
Introduction: Historical Perspectives / Michael J Denham, John E Morley.
Ageing: Biological, Social and Community Perspectives. A Biological Perspective of Ageing / H James Armbrecht.
The Demography of Ageing / Kenneth G Manton, John E Morley.
The Physiology of Ageing / Rafi T Kevorkian, John E Morley.
Psychological Aspects of Ageing / Peggy A Szwabo.
Ageing of the Brain / Jean-Fraṅois Ďmonet, Pierre Celsis.
Epidemiology of Ageing and Disability / Lenise A Cummings-Vaughn.
Social and Community Aspects of Ageing / John E Morley, Nina Tumosa.
The Developmental Origins of Ageing / Avan Aihie Sayer, Cyrus Cooper.
Sexuality and Ageing / John E Morley, Debbie T Tolson.
Physical Fitness and Exercise / Maria A Fiatarone Singh, John E Morley.
Health Literacy and Cultural Sensitivity / Nina Tumosa.
Medicine and Prescribing in Old Age. Improving Quality of Care / Julie K Gammack, Carolyn D Philpot.
Clinical Audit of Healthcare / Rhona Buckingham, Jonathan Potter, Adrian Wagg.
Carers and the Role of the Family / Jo Moriarty.
Nursing Home Care / David R Thomas, Yves Rolland, John E Morley.
Geriatric Occupational Therapy: Achieving Quality in Daily Living / Karen F Barney.
Geriatric Medicine Education in Europe and the United States / Antonio Cherubini, Philippe Huber, Jean-Pierre Michel, Miguel A Paniagua.
Systems of Healthcare: The United States / Julie K Gammack.
Systems of Healthcare: Australia / Gideon A Caplan.
Systems of Healthcare: The United Kingdom / Simon Conroy.
Geriatric Medicine in China / Leung-Wing Chu.
Ageing in Developing Countries / Renato Maia Guimar̂aes.
Geriatric Medicine in the European Union: Towards Unification of Diversity / Alfonso J Cruz-Jentoft.
Appendix: Function Assessment Scales. Preventive Geriatrics / Gerald M Mahon, Joseph H Flaherty, Suzanne M Mahon.
Polypharmacy / Oscar A Cepeda, John E Morley.
Patient Safety / Susannah Long, Charles Vincent.
Epidemiology of Nutrition and Ageing / Wija A van Staveren, Lisette C P G M de Groot.
The Anorexia of Ageing / Ian M Chapman.
Weight Loss / David R Thomas.
Dehydration / David R Thomas.
Vitamins and Minerals / Seema Joshi, John E Morley.
Obesity / Joan Khoo, Richard Y T Chen, Gary A Wittert.
Changes in Gastrointestinal Motor and Sensory Function Associated with Ageing / Christopher K Rayner, Michael Horowitz.
Gastrointestinal Bleeding / Syed H Tariq.
Liver and Gall Bladder / Margaret-Mary G Wilson.
Sphincter Function / Syed H Tariq.
Constipation / Charlene M Prather.
Management of Diarrhoea / Lenise A Cummings-Vaughn.
Diseases of the Pancreas / John S Morris, John E Morley.
Anaemia / Anjali S Kamat, David R Thomas.
Disorders of Haemostasis / Kingsley K Hampton.
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation / Kingsley K Hampton.
Anticoagulants / Hamsaraj G M Shetty, Philip A Routledge.
Myelodysplasia / Martha Wadleigh, David S Rosenthal, Richard M Stone.
Management of Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Acute Leukaemia / Heidi D Klepin, Bayard L Powell.
Epidemiology of Heart Disease / Ahmed H Abdelhafiz.
Cardiac Ageing and Systemic Disorders / David J Stott, Terence J Quinn.
Arrhythmias / Abhay Bajpai, A John Camm.
Ischaemic Heart Disease / Wilbert S Aronow.
Lipid Management / Adie Viljoen, Anthony S Wierzbicki.
Hypotension / Suraj Alakkassery.
Hypertension / Anthony S Wierzbicki, Adie Viljoen.
Heart Failure / Michael W Rich.
Cardiac Surgery / Ulrich O von Oppell, Adam Szafranek.
Peripheral Arterial Disease / Leocadio Rodr̕guez Ma₈nas, Marta Castro Rodr̕guez, Cristina Alonso Bouz̤n.
Venous Thromboembolism / Gordon D O Lowe.
Cardiac Rehabilitation / Niccoḷ Marchionni, Francesco Fattirolli, Francesco Orso, Marco Baccini, Lucio A Rinaldi, Giulio Masotti.
Epidemiology of Respiratory Infection / Joseph M Mylotte.
Pneumonia / Jo͡l Belmin.
Aspiration Pneumonia / Takashi Ohrui, Hiroyuki Arai.
Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Cancer / Christopher Dyer.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma / Christopher Dyer.
Pulmonary Hypertension / Dennis J Shale.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation / Peter Spiegler, Jonathan Ilowite.
Neurological Signs of Ageing / Andrew J Larner.
Sleep Apnoea and Sleep Disorders / Paul Montgomery, Lindsay Dianne Shepard.
Headache / Stephen D Silberstein, William B Young.
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus / Dennis S Oh, Peter McL Black.
Acute Stroke Care and Management of Carotid Artery Stenosis / David Doig, Martin M Brown.
Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation / Lalit Kalra.
Communication Disorders and Dysphagia / Pamela M Enderby.
Acute and Chronic Subdural Haematoma / Eric Schmidt, Emmanuel Moyse.
Epilepsy / Pamela M Crawford.
Syncope and Non-Epileptic Attacks / Richard C Roberts.
Parkinson's Disease / Joel Belmin.
Non-Parkinsonian Movement Disorders / Katie Kompoliti, Cynthia L Comella.
Diabetic Neuropathy / Aaron I Vinik, Elsa S Strotmeyer.
Disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction / Sivakumar Sathasivam, Andrew J Larner.
Muscle Disorders / David Hilton-Jones.
Motor Neurone Disease / Hardev S Pall.
Control of Chronic Pain / Robert D Helme, Benny Katz.
Multiple Sclerosis / Florian P Thomas.
Delirium / Joseph H Flaherty.
Memory Clinics / Antony Bayer.
Alzheimer's Disease / James E Galvin.
Mild Cognitive Impairment / Eric G Tangalos, Ronald C Petersen.
Vascular Dementia / Marie-Laure Seux.
Mental Stimulation and Dementia / Joe Verghese.
Exercise and Dementia / Yves Rolland.
Drug Development and Alzheimer's Disease / Julien Delrieu, Antoine Piau, Bruno Vellas.
Other Dementias / Wee Shiong Lim.
Treatment of Behavioural Disorders / Ladislav Volicer.
Geriatric Psychiatry / Abhilash K Desai, George T Grossberg.
Organization of Services in Geriatric Psychiatry / Susan Mary Benbow, David Jolley.
Depression in Later Life: Aetiology, Epidemiology, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment / Natalie Sachs-Ericsson, Dan G Blazer.
The Older Patient with Down Syndrome / John E Morley.
Disorders of the Eye / Nina Tumosa.
The Ageing Auditory System - Pathology and Epidemiology of Age-Related Hearing Loss / Mathieu Marx, Olivier Deguine.
Disorders of the Vestibular System / Charlotte Agrup, Linda M Luxon.
Smell and Taste / Richard L Doty.
Paget's Disease of Bone / Horace M Perry.
Management of Osteoporosis; Its Consequences: A Major Threat to Quality of Life / Roger M Francis.
Gait, Balance and Falls / Dulce M Cruz-Oliver.
Foot Problems / Arthur E Helfand, Donald F Jessett.
Hip Fracture and Orthogeriatrics / Christine Lafont.
Diseases of the Joints / Terry L Moore.
Endocrinology of Ageing / John E Morley, Kim J Moon.
Water and Electrolyte Balances in Ageing / Stewart G Albert.
The Pituitary Gland / James F Lamb, John E Morley.
Thyroid Disorders / Ligia J Dominguez, Mario Belvedere, Mario Barbagallo.
Ovarian Function and Menopause / Nicola Pluchino, Tommaso Simoncini, Andrea R Genazzani.
Testicular Function / Nazem Bassil.
Diabetes Mellitus / Alan J Sinclair, Graydon S Meneilly.
New Therapies for Diabetes Mellitus / George T Griffing.
Gynaecology and the Older Patient / Radha Indusekhar, Fidelma O'Mahony, P M Shaughn O'Brien.
The Ageing Bladder / James M Cummings, Kimberly C Berni.
Prostate Diseases / Clement Gaudin, Nicolas Doumerc, Loic Mourey, Stephane Gerard, Laurent Balardy.
Urinary Incontinence / Ramzi R Hajjar.
Geriatric Nephrology / Carlos G Musso, Dimitrios G Oreopoulos.
Cancer and Ageing / Tanya M Wildes.
Oncological Emergencies / Chantal Bernard-Marty, Clement Gaudin, Stephane Gerard, Laurent Balardy.
Breast Cancer / Robert E Mansel, Bedanta P Baruah.
Maintaining Functional Status / Miriam B Rodin.
Multidimensional Geriatric Assessment / Laurence Z Rubenstein, Andreas E Stuck.
Frailty / John E Morley.
Rehabilitation / Michael Watts, Paul Finucane.
Tuberculosis / Shobita Rajagopalan, Thomas T Yoshikawa.
Valvular Heart Disease and Infective Endocarditis / Aneil Malhotra, Sam Dawkins, Bernard D Prendergast.
Infections of the Central Nervous System / Michael Blank, Allan R Tunkel.
Elder Abuse: A UK Perspective / Claudia Cooper, Gill Livingston.
Good Quality Care: Abuse / Jean-Pierre Aquino, Genevïve Ruault.
Alcohol Consumption and Cognition / Luc Letenneur, Jean-Fraṅois Dartigues.
Drug Misuse and the Older Person: A Contradiction in Terms? / Antoine Piau, Fatima Nourhashemi.
The Use and Abuse of Prescribed Medicines / Abdi Sanati, Mohammed T Abou-Saleh.
Transportation, Driving and Older Adults / Desmond O'Neill, David Carr.
Smart Homes / Roger Orpwood.
Skin Disorders / Robert A Norman, Jaffer Babaa.
The Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers / David R Thomas.
Perioperative and Postoperative Medical Assessment / Milta Oyola Little.
Anaesthesia / Suzanne Crowe.
Health Issues in the Ageing Female / Carolyn D Philpot.
Antiageing Strategies / Ligia J Dominguez, Mario Barbagallo.
Ethics in Geriatric Medicine / Fraṅois Blanchard.
Participation of Older People in Clinical Trials / Nicola Coley, Sandrine Andrieu.
Restraints and Immobility / Elizabeth A Capezuti, Laura M Wagner, Kathleen C Reid.
Centenarians / Thomas T Perls.
End-of-Life and Palliative Care / Rachelle E Bernacki, Ryan Westhoff, Miguel A Paniagua.
End-of-Life Care: Special Issues / Victoria J Wheatley, Ilora G Finlay.
Global Healthcare Systems.