Table of Contents

Colour Plates.
Themes in Bacterial Pathogenic Mechanisms / C. L. Gyles, J. F. Prescott.
Subversion of the Immune Response by Bacterial Pathogens / D. C. Hodgins, P. E. Shewen.
Evolution of Bacterial Virulence / P. Boerlin.
Streptococcus / J. F. Timoney.
Staphylococcus / K. Hermans, L. A. Devriese, F. Haesebrouck.
Bacillus Anthracis / J. Mogridge, S. Shadomy, P. Turnbull.
Mycobacterium / I. Olsen, R. G. Barletta, C. O. Thoen.
and / R. Moore, A. Miyoshi, L. G. C. Pacheco, N. Seyffert, V. Azevedo.
Rhodococcus / J. F. Prescott, W. G. Meijer, J. A. V̀zquez-Boland.
Listeria / C. J. Czuprynski, S. Kathariou, K. Poulsen.
Neurotoxigenic Clostridia / H. B̲hnel, F. Gessler.
Histotoxic Clostridia / J. Glenn Songer.
Enteric Clostridia / J. Glenn Songer.
Salmonella / P. A. Barrow, M. A. Jones, N. Thomson.
Escherichia Coli / C. L. Gyles, J. M. Fairbrother.
Yersinia / M. A. Bergman, R. Chafel, J. Mecsas.
Pasteurella / J. D. Boyce, M. Harper, I. W. Wilkie, B. Adler.
Mannheimia / R. Y. C. Lo.
Actinobacillus / J. I. MacInnes.
Haemophilus / I. Sandal, L. B. Corbeil, T. J. Inzana.
Bordetella / K. Register, E. Harvill.
Brucella / S. C. Olsen, B. H. Bellaire, R. M. Roop, C. O. Thoen.
Pseudomonas / E. L. Westman, J. M. Matewish, J. S. Lam.
Moraxella / J. A. Angelos.
and / L. A. Joens, F. Haesebrouck, F. Pasmans.
Lawsonia Intracellularis / C. J. Gebhart, R. M. C. Guedes.
Gram-Negative Anaerobes / D. J. Hampson, T. G. Nagaraja, R. M. Kennan, J. I. Rood.
Leptospira / B. Adler, A. de la Pęa Moctezuma.
Mycoplasma / G. F. Browning, M. S. Marenda, P. F. Markham, A. H. Noormohammadi, K. G. Whithear.
Chlamydia / A. Pospischil, N. Borel, A. A. Andersen.
Rickettsiales / T. Waner, S. Mahan, P. Kelly, S. Harrus.
Index. Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals, Fourth Edition captures the rapid developments in understanding the mechanisms of virulence of the major bacterial pathogens of animals. Now including a color plate section, the book presents an overview of pathogenesis, including relevant events that occur in the herd or flock and its environment, and activities that take place at the cellular and molecular levels. With contributions from 64 experts in the field, this book serves as a great reference for graduate students in veterinary medicine and animal science, microbiologists, virologists a.