Table of Contents

1. Passionate Minds / Alison Richards.
2. Blemished heroes / Carl Djerassi.
3. Tapeworm quadrilles / Roald Hoffmann.
4. Worlds apart / Jared Diamond.
5. Scaling the heights / Leroy Hood.
6. Clinical science / David Weatherall.
7. Swimming with the tide / James Lighthill.
8. Freeing the mind / James Lovelock.
9. Gardens of the mind / Peter Mitchell.
10. Not a company man / John Cairns.
11. Not all in the genes / Richard Lewontin.
12. In agreement with nature / Antonio Garcia Bellido.
13. Daydreaming molecules / James Black.
14. Going into the dark / Gerald Edelman.
15. Hole in one / Michael Berridge.
16. Ways of seeing / Elwyn Simons.
17. Three quarks for muster mark / Murray Gell-Mann.
18. The weirdest of fancies / Sheldon Glashow.
19. Directly to the heart / Nicole Le Douarin.
20. Other minds / Gerald Holton.
21. Asking nature / Carlo Rubbia.
22. A very tidy desk / David Pilbeam.
23. Of mice and mothers / Anne McLaren.
24. A family affair / Avrion Mitchison. The popular stereotype of the scientist as mad boffin or weedy nerd has been peddled widely in film and fiction, with the implication that the world of science is far removed from the intellectual and emotional messiness of other human activities. In Passionate Minds, distinguished scientist Lewis Wolpert investigates the style and motivation of some of the most eminent scientists in the world. In this stimulating collection of conversations, scientists in fields as diverse as particle physics and evolutionary biology explore how their backgrounds have shaped their careers and discoveries - ho