Table of Contents

1. Unthinkable Democracy: Political Change in Advanced Industrial Democracies / Russell J. Dalton and Martin P. Wattenberg.
2. The Decline of Party Identifications / Russell J. Dalton.
3. The Consequences of Partisan Dealignment / Russell J. Dalton, Ian McAllister and Martin P. Wattenberg.
4. The Decline of Party Mobilization / Martin P. Wattenberg.
5. Parties without Members? Party Organization in a Changing Electoral Environment / Susan E. Scarrow.
6. Political Parties as Campaign Organizations / David M. Farrell and Paul Webb.
7. From Social Integration to Electoral Contestation: The Changing Distribution of Power within Political Parties / Susan E. Scarrow, Paul Webb and David M. Farrell.
8. Parties in Legislature: Two Competing Explanations / Shaun Bowler.
9. Parties at the Core of Government / Kaare Strom.
10. From Platform Declarations to Policy Outcomes: Changing Party Profiles an Partisan Influence over Policy / Miki L. Caul and Mark M. Gray.
11. On the Primacy of Party in Government: Why Legislative Parties Can Survive Party Decline in the Electorate / Michael F. Thies.
12. Partisan Change and the Democratic Process / Russell J. Dalton and Martin P. Wattenberg