Table of Contents

African trypanosomes and their VSGs.
Malaria: the real killer.
The HIV-AIDS vaccine and the disadvantage of natural selection: the yellow fever vaccine and the advantage of articial selection.
Lyme disease: a classic emerging disease.
The discovery of ivermectin: a "crapshoot", or not?.
"You came a long way to see a tree".
Infectious disease and modern epidemiology.
The "unholy trinity" and the geohelminths: an intractable problem?.
Hookworm disease: insidious, stealthily treacherous.
The spadefoot toad and Pseudodiplorchis americanus: an amazing story of two very aquatic species in a very dry land.
The schistosomes: split-bodied flukes.
Dicrocoelium dendriticum and Halipegus occidualis: their life cycles and a genius at work.
Trichinosis and Trichinella spp. (all eight of them, or is it nine?).
Phylogenetics: a contentious discipline.
Taxoplasma gondii, Sarococystis neurona, and Neospora caninum: the worst of the coccidians? Engaging introduction to the key discoveries that have shaped the field of parasitology.