Table of Contents

Packaging for Nonthermal Processing of Food; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Chapter 1. Packaging for Nonthermally Processed Foods; Chapter 2. The Role of Active Packaging in Nonthermal Processing Systems; Chapter 3. Edible Coatings Containing Bioactive Antimicrobial Agents; Chapter 4. Bio-Map: Modified-Atmosphere Packaging With Biological Control for Shelf-Life Extension; Chapter 5. Packaging for High-Pressure Processing, Irradiation, and Pulsed Electric Field Processing; Chapter 6. Packaging for Foods Treated by Ionizing Radiation. Chapter 7. Radio Frequency Identification Systems for Packaged FoodsChapter 8. Consumer Choice: Responses to New Packaging Technologies; Chapter 9. European Standpoint to Active Packaginglegislation, Authorization, and Compliance Testing; Chapter 10. Packaging for Nonthermal Food Processing: Future; Index. A number of novel thermal and nonthermal processing methods are in active research and development in industry, academic and government laboratories. A key step that needs to be addressed is how to best package commodities processed by high pressure, pulsed electric fields, UV, irradiation, microwave or radio frequency heating, bioactive coating/packaging, or the treatment with probiotics to best preserve the benefits of improved product quality imparted by these emerging preservation technologies. Packaging for Nonthermal Processing of Food reviews typical nonthermal processes, the characteri.