Table of Contents

Introduction Rape, Revenge and Verse: Philomela 'Chastity's first martyr': Lucrece 'That female wanton boy': Ganymede, Iphis, and Myths of Same Sex Desire 'Not perfect boy nor perfect wench': Hermaphroditus Objects of Desire: Pygmalion, Myrrha, Adonis Conclusion Notes Index. Carter explores early modern culture's reception of Ovid through the manipulation of Ovidian myth by Shakespeare, Middleton, Heywood, Marlowe and Marston. With a focus on sexual violence, homosexuality, incest and idolatry, Carter analyses how depictions of mythology represent radical ideas concerning gender and sexuality. 'With a wonderfully attentive critical eye to the nuances of meaning about the most provocative and secret domain of desire inspired by Ovid, this meticulously researched, engagingly written and convincingly argued book pushes the early modern criticism of sexuality in new directions...This is an accessible and interesting book.' - Goran Stanivukovic, Saint Mary's University, Canada.