Table of Contents

""Orthopedic Biomaterials.
From Materials Science to Clinical Applications""; ""Preface""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Chapter 1: Current Strategies and Advanced Biomaterials for Bone Repair and Regeneration""; ""Advanced Microstructural Characterizations of Some Biomaterials and Scaffolds for Regenerative Orthopaedics""; ""Magnetic Nanoparticles Inclusion into Scaffolds Based on Calcium Phosphates and Biopolymers for Bone Regeneration""; ""Current Strategies and Advances Materials for the Treatment of Injured Meniscus""; ""Acrylic Bone Cements: New Insight and Future Perspective"" ""Results of In Vivo Biological Tests Performed on a Mg-0.8Ca Alloy""""Fractographic Evaluation of the Metallic Materials for Medical Applications""; ""Chapter 2: Evaluation of the Clinical Performance of Different Options and Methods of Orthopedic Treatment and Implantation""; ""Metallosis.
Literature Review and Particular Cases Presentation""; ""Use of Collagen Scaffolds in Conjunction with NPWT for the Care of Complex Wounds: Clinical Report""; ""Bioabsorbable Anchors for Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction"" ""The Use of the Ligament Augmentation and Reconstruction System (LARS) in Clinical Practice""""Functional Outcomes after Surgical Treatment of Hand Fractures.
ORIF vs. CRIF Analysis""; ""Short Term Behaviour of Fixed-Loop Cortical Suspension System Used for Surgical Treatment of Hallux valgus""; ""Advantages of Modular Radial Head Prosthesis Use in Highly Comminuted Fractures""; ""Keyword Index""