Table of Contents

Ch. 1. The background for organization ethics.
Ch. 2. A philosophical basis for organization ethics.
Ch. 3. Clinical ethics and organization ethics.
Ch. 4. Business ethics and organization ethics.
Ch. 5. Professional ethics in healthcare organizations.
Ch. 6. The relationship of social climate to the historical development of the healthcare organization and its ethical climate.
Ch. 7. The ethical climate in today's healthcare organization.
Ch. 8. Developing a positive ethical climate in the healthcare organization.
Ch. 9. Instituting an organization ethics program. Ch. 10. Compliance, risk-management, and quality-improvement programs.
Ch. 11. Organization ethics activities and their evaluation.
Ch. 12. Conclusion.
App. 1. Virginia Bioethics Network recommendations for guidelines on procedures and processes to address organization ethics in health care organizations.
App. 2. Towards a pragmatic method for assessing moral problems.
App. 3. A decision process: a framework for moral reasoning.
App. 4. Codes of Ethics.
App. 5. The rise, fall, and reemergence of the nursing home: important lessons to be learned.