Table of Contents

Orbital infection: Bacterial Orbital Cellulitis.
Fungal Orbital Cellulitis.
Mycobacterial Orbital Cellulitis.
Viral Orbital Cellulitis.
Parasitic Orbital Cellulitis. Idiopathic Orbital.
Inflammation and IgG4 variant.
Wegener?s Granulomatosis.
Churg-Strauss Syndrome.
Sjogren Syndrome.
Langerhans? cell histiocytosis.
Adult xanthogranulomatous Disorders.
Kimura Disease.
Inflammation associated with intraocular and orbital tumors.
Graves? Eye Disease.
Orbital lymphoproliferative disorder. . This book comprehensively reviews orbital inflammatory disorders and their differential diagnosis, drawing on the current basic and clinical literature and the extensive personal experience of the contributors. The full range of inflammatory disorders is considered, including bacterial and fungal infections, inflammatory pseudotumor and IgG4 variant, sarcoidosis, Sjögren?s syndrome, Wegener?s granulomatosis, adult xanthogranulomatous disease, Graves? eye disease, and orbital lymphoproliferative disorder. In each case the etiology, clinical manifestations, imaging characteristics, differential diagnoses, and management options are carefully presented and discussed. The authors comprise a panel of experts in the field who address the subject in a concise style with the aid of informative illustrations.