Table of Contents

Part I: Physics of ionizing radiation.
Radiation physics. Part II: Bilogic effects of radiation.
Radiobiology. Part III: Radiation safety and protection.
Radiation safety and protection. Part IV: Imaging principles and techniques.
Projection geometry.
X-ray film, intensifying screens, and grids.
Processing x-ray film.
Digital imaging / John B. Ludlow and André Mol.
Radiographic quality assurance and infection control.
Intraoral radiographic examinations.
Normal radiographic anatomy.
Panoramic imaging / Alan G. Lurie.
Extraoral radiographic examinations.
Sotirios Tetradis and Mel L. Kantor.
Advanced imaging / in collaboration with Neil L. Frederiksen.
Cone-beam computed tomography / William C. Scarfe and Allan G. Farman.
Guidelines for prescribing dental radiographs / Sharon L. Brooks. Part V: Radiographic interpretation.
Principles of radiographic interpretation.
Dental caries / Ann Wenzel.
Periodontal diseases / Susanne Perschbacher.
Dental anomalies / Ernest W.N. Lam.
Inflammatory lesions of the jaws / Linda Lee --Cysts and cystlike lesions of the jaws.
Benign tumors of the jaws.
Malignant diseases of the jaws / Robert E. Wood.
Diseases of bone manifested in the jaws.
Systemic diseases manifested in the jaws.
Diagnostic imaging of the temporomandibular joint / C. Grace Petrikowski.
Paranasal sinuses / Axel Ruprecht and Ernest W.N. Lam.
Soft tissue calcification and ossification / Laurie C. Carter.
Trauma to teeth and facial structures / Ernest W.N. Lam.
Developmental disturbances of the face and jaws / Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch.
Salivary gland radiology / Byron W. Benson.
Dental implants / Byron W. Benson and Vivek Shetty.