Table of Contents

Metabolic Response to Trauma.
Wound Healing.
Nutrition for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Patient.
Initial Assessment and Intensive Care of the Trauma Patient.
Emergency Airway Management in the Traumatized Patient.
anagement of Nonpenetrating Chest Trauma.
Recognition and Management of Shock.
Recognition and Management of Shock.
Abdominal Trauma : Evaluation and Management.
Applied Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck.
Early Assessment and Treatment Planning of the Maxillofacial Trauma Patient.
Radiographic Evaluation of Facial Injuries.
Radiographic Evaluation of Facial Injuries.
Mandibular Fractures.
Traumatic Injuries to the Mandibular Condyle.
Fractures of the Zygomatic Complex and Arch.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Midface Fractures.
Ophthalmic Consequences of Maxillofacial Injuries.
Evaluation and Management of Frontal Sinus Injuries.
Nasal Fractures : Evaluation and Management.
Management of Soft Tissue Injuries.
Secondary Revision of Soft Tissue Injury.
Management of Human and Animal Bites.
Diagnosis and Management of Traumatic Salivary Gland Injuries.
Traumatic Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.
Anesthetic Considerations in the Acutely Injured Patient.
Maxillofacial Ballistic and Missile Injuries.
Head and Neck Burn Injury.
Head and Neck Burn Injury.
Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma in the Geriatric Patient.
econstruction of Avulsive Defects of the Maxillofacial Complex.
Infection in the Patient with Maxillofacial Trauma.
Principles of Fixation for Maxillofacial Trauma.
Minimally Invasive Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Trauma. Describing the diagnosis and management of maxillofacial and associated traumatic injuries step by step, this 4th Edition takes you beyond the surgical management of head and neck trauma to cover the general management of traumatic injuries, systemic evaluation of the trauma patient, and special considerations associated with maxillofacial trauma patient care. New to this edition are over 700 full-color illustrations showing details of traumatic injuries and their treatment. Edited by head and neck trauma expert Dr. Raymond J. Fonseca, along with over 80 highly respected contributors, this comprehensive reference provides all of the information you need to offer the best care possible to maxillofacial trauma patients. UPDATED content reflects current thinking and the latest techniques in the management of traumatic injuries. NEW full-color illustrations and design highlight clinical areas and show details of injuries and their treatment.