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Front cover; Optogenetics: Tools for Controlling And Monitoring Neuronal Activity; Copyright; List of Contributors; Preface; Contents; Chapter 1 : A comprehensive concept of optogenetics; A historical perspective on optogenetics; Early ideas; From organic to genetically encoded reporters of neuronal activity; The chemical approaches to ions and voltage sensing; The genetic approaches to sensing chemicals and voltage; Tools for controlling genetically defined neurons; Photochemical approaches; Genetic approaches based on animal opsins; The revolution of microbial opsins. Optogenetics is a fast-growing field concerning the invention, and use, of molecules that are genetically expressed in cells, and then either report on cellular physiology in optical form, or enable control of specific pathways in cells when actuated by light. This book reviews the current state, as well as the underlying principles and future directions, of a diversity of optogenetic tools of importance for observing and controlling cellular signaling and physiology. These tools are already revolutionizing neuroscience, and are starting to have impact on fields ranging from metabolism to