Table of Contents

Piecewise Linear Classifiers Based on Nonsmooth Optimization Approaches.
Variational Inequality Models Arising in the Study of Viscoelastic Materials.
Neighboring Local Optimal Solutions and Its Applications.
General Traffic Equilibrium Problem with Uncertainty and Random Variational Inequalities.
Computational Complexities of Optimization Problems Related to Model Based Clustering of Networks.
On Distributed-Lag Modeling Algorithms by r-Convexity and Piecewise Monotonicity.
Poincaré-Type Inequalities for Green's Operator on Harmonic Forms.
The Robustness Concern in Preference Disaggregation Approaches for Decision Aiding: An Overview.
Separation of Finitely Many Convex Sets and Data Pre-Classification.
The Shortest Superstring Problem.
Computational Comparison of Convex Underestimators for Use in a Branch-and-Bound Global Optimization Framework.
A Quasi Exact Solution Approach for Scheduling Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Production through CO2 Injection.
A Stochastic Model of Oligopolistic Market Equilibrium Problems.
Computing Area-Tight Piecewise Linear Overestimators, Underestimators and Tubes for Univariate Functions.
Market Graph and Markowitz Model.
Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition.
On Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimality Conditions with Generalized Convexities.
A Game Theoretical Model for Experiment Design Optimization.
A Supply Chain Network Game Theoretic Framework for Time-Based Competition with Transportation Costs and Product Differentiation.
On the Discretization of Pseudomonotone Variational Inequalities with an Application to the Numerical Solution of the Nonmonotone Delamination Problem.
Designing Groundwater Supply Systems using the Mesh Adaptive Basin Hopping Algorithm.
Regularity of a Kind of Marginal Functions in Hilbert Spaces.
On Solving Optimization Problems with Hidden Nonconvex Structures.
Variational Principles in Gauge Spaces.
Brain Network Characteristics in Status Epilepticus.
A Review on Consensus Clustering Methods.
Influence Diffusion in Social Networks.
A New Exact Penalty Function Approach to Semi-Infinite Programming Problem.
On the Statistical Models-Based Multi-Objective Optimization. Optimization in Science and Engineering is dedicated in honor of the 60th birthday of Distinguished Professor Panos M. Pardalos. Pardalos's past and ongoing work has made a significant impact on several theoretical and applied areas in modern optimization. As tribute to the diversity of Dr. Pardalos's work in Optimization, this book comprises a collection of contributions from experts in various fields of this rich and diverse area of science.Topics highlight recent developments and include:Deterministic global optimizationVariational inequalities and equilibrium problemsApproximation and comp