Table of Contents

Section 1: Nasal Cavity.
Section 2: Paranasal Sinuses.
Section 3: Oral Cavity.
Section 4: Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Section 5: Nasopharynx.
Section 6: Oropharynx.
Section 7: Hypopharynx and Esophagus.
Section 8: Larynx: Airway.
Section 9: Larynx: Voice.
Section 10: Larynx: Oncologic Surgery.
Section 11: Trachea and Mediastinum.
Section 12: Neck and Parapharyngeal Space.
Section 13: Thyroid and Parathyroid.
Section 14: Salivary Glands.
Section 15: Facial Skeleton.
Section 16: Otology: External Ear.
Section 17: Otology: Middle Ear and Mastoid.
Section 18: Otology: Temporal Bone.
Section 19: Cranial Base.
Section 20: Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgery.
Section 21: Reconstructive Surgery.
Section 22: Orbit.
Section 23: Pediatrics-Nasal Cavity.
Section 24: Pediatric-Nasopharynx.
Section 25: Pediatric-Oropharynx.
Section 26: Pediatric-Larynx Airway.
Section 27: Pediatric Trachea and Mediastinum.
Section 28: Pediatric Neck and Parapharyngeal Space.
Section 29: Pediatric Facial Skeleton.
Section 30: Pediatric Otology: Middle Ear and Mastoid.
Section 31: Pediatric Otology: Temporal Bone.
Section 32: Pediatric Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. "Emergent operative technologies and surgical approaches have transformed today's otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, and the 3rd Edition of Operative Otolaryngology brings you up to date with all that's new in the field. You'll find detailed, superbly illustrated guidance on all of the endoscopic, microscopic, laser, surgically-implantable, radio-surgical, neurophysiological monitoring, and MR- and CT-imaging technological advances that now define contemporary operative OHNS - all in one comprehensive, two-volume reference. Covers everything from why a procedure should be performed to the latest surgical techniques to post-operative management and outcomes - from experts in otolaryngology, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurological surgery, and ophthalmology"--Publisher's description.