Table of Contents

Preface, a clue.
Introduction, a users' manual.
Before I knew I needed to go on a trip.
Road work ahead.
Thinking, feeling and dealing.
School zone, the trouble with school.
College bound?.
Good balancing act.
Fueling up for the trip.
Mapping out a road to success.
Child on board, directions for parenting.
Almost there, then a rock slide. At the age of 32, when she was finally diagnosed with severe dyslexia, Linda G. Tessler's word fluency tested on a third-grade level. Yet, in spite of the challenges, she earned a Ph. D. and became a clinical psychologist. [This book] is ... her lifelong struggles with dyslexia. Interspersed is ... advice and practical strategies.
culled from her experiences as a psychologist and scholar specializing in learning disabilities and as the parent of a son who struggles with dyslexia. Bringing together ... psychological principles with personal knowledge, Tessler has created a unique ... resource guide ...-Back cover.