Table of Contents

On the frontier of adulthood : emerging themes and new directions / Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., Rubén G. Rumbaut, and Richard A. Settersten Jr..
The transition to adulthood during the twentieth century : race, nativity, and gender / Elizabeth Fussell and Frank F. Furstenberg Jr..
American women's transition to adulthood in comparative perspective / Elizabeth Fussell and Anne H. Gauthier.
Historical roots of family diversity : marital and childbearing trajectories of American women / Lawrence L. Wu and Jui-Chung Allen Li.
Historical trends in patterns of time use among young adults in developed countries / Anne H. Gauthier and Frank F. Furstenberg Jr..
Generation gaps in attitudes and values from the 1970s to the 1990s / Tom W. Smith.
Subjective age identity and the transition to adulthood : when do adolescents become adults? / Michael J. Shanahan ... [et al.].
Sequences of early adult transitions : a look at variability and consequences / Ted Mouw.
Off to a good start? Postsecondary education and early adult life / Gary D. Sandefur, Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, and Hyunjoon Park.
Six paths to adulthood : fast starters, parents without careers, educated partners, educated singles, working singles, and slow starters / D. Wayne Osgood ... [et al.].
Is it getting harder to get ahead? Economic attainment in early adulthood for two cohorts / Mary Corcoran and Jordan Matsudaira.
Material assistance from families during the transition to adulthood / Robert F. Schoeni and Karen E. Ross.
Early adult transitions and their relation to well-being and substance use / John Schulenberg ... [et al.].
The ever-winding path : ethnic and racial diversity in the transition to adulthood / John Mollenkopf ... [et al.].
The transition to adulthood for youth leaving public systems : challenges to policies and research / E. Michael Foster and Elizabeth J. Gifford.
Social policy and the transition to adulthood : toward stronger institutions and individual capacities / Richard A. Settersten Jr. On the Frontier of Adulthood reveals a startling new fact: adulthood no longer begins when adolescence ends. A lengthy period before adulthood, often spanning the twenties and even extending into the thirties, is now devoted to further education, job exploration, experimentation in romantic relationships, and personal development. Especially dramatic shifts have occurred in the conventional markers of adulthood?leaving home, finishing school, getting a job, getting married, and having children?and in how these experiences are configured as a set. This volume considers the nature and consequenc.