Table of Contents

Introduction and Historical Perspective.
What Makes an Anglerfish?.
Evolutionary Relationships.
Geographic Distribution.
Bioluminescence and Luring.
Locomotion, Food, and Feeding.
Reproduction and Early Life History.
Families, genera, and species of the Ceratioidei.
Reallocation of Nominal Species of the Ceratioidei Based on Females.
Reallocation of Nominal Species of the Ceratioidei Based on Free-Living Males.
Symbolic Codes for Institutional Collections. No environment on Earth imposes greater physical and biological constraints on life than the deep oceanic midwaters. Near-freezing temperatures, the absence of sunlight, enormous pressure, and a low food supply make habitation by any living thing almost inconceivable. Yet 160 species of anglerfishes are found there in surprising profusion. Monstrous in appearance, anglerfishes possess a host of unique and spectacular morphological, behavioral, and physiological innovations. In this fully illustrated book, the first to focus on these intriguing fish, Theodore W. Pietsch delivers a comprehensive summary of all that is known about anglerfishes--morphology, diversity, evolution, geographic distribution, bioluminescence, and reproduction. --from publisher description.