Table of Contents

Setting up services / Anne Kennaugh.
Writing policies and procedures / Andrea Mummery and Katie Oakley.
Managing services / Cynthia Atwell and Anna M. Cosgrove.
Quality and audit / Linda Maynard.
Independent practice / Kit Artus and Katie Oakley.
Marketing / Janette Murray.
International issues / Panayota Sourtzi.
Occupational health and safety / Katie Oakley.
Health surveillance, health assessment and health screening / Cynthia Atwell.
Mental health and stress / Angela Franklin.
Musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomics / Claire Raistrick.
Health promotion / Tracy McFall and Katie Oakley.
Rehabilitation / Dorothy Ferguson.
Case management / Philip Roy Richardson.
Education, clinical supervision and professional development / Patience D. Kenny.
Research / Jan Maw and Stuart Whitaker. Occupational health is the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations by preventing departures from health, controlling risks and the adaptation of work to people, and people to their jobs.