Table of Contents

Committee summary and recommendations.
A review of the physiology and nutrition in cold and in high-altitude environments by the Committee on Military Nutrition Research.
Committee on Military Nutrition Research recommendations and conclusions.
Background and introduction to the topic.
Cold weather and high-altitude nutrition: overview of the issues / Eldon W. Askew.
Leadership insights for military operations in cold weather and at high altitudes / Russell W. Schumacher, Jr..
Cold-weather field feeding: military rations / Nancy King.
Feeding the U.S. Army Sixth Infantry Division (Light) in the cold / Thomas J. Lange.
The cold environment.
The physiology of cold exposure / Andrew J. Young, Michael N. Sawka, Kent B. Pandolf.
Military schedules vs. biological clocks / R.S. Pozos, D.E. Roberts, A.C. Hackney, S.J. Feith.
Influence of cold stress on human fluid balance / Beau J. Freund, Michael N. Sawka.
Muscle metabolism and shivering during cold stress / Ira Jacobs.
Macronutrient requirements for work in cold environments / Peter J.H. Jones, Ian K.K. Lee.
Cold exposure, appetite, and energy balance / Jacques A. LeBlanc.
Effects of cold and altitude on vitamin and mineral requirements / Robert D. Reynolds.
Micronutrient deficiency states and thermoregulation in the cold / John L. Beard.
Drug-induced delay of hypothermia / Andre L. Vallerand.
The high-terrestrial environment.
The physiology of high-altitude exposure / Allen Cymerman.
Physical performance at high altitudes / Robert B. Schoene.
Fluid metabolism at high altitudes / Inder S. Anand, Y. Chandrashekhar.
Maintenance of body weight at high altitudes: in search of 500 kcal/day / Gail E. Butterfeld.
Energy and macronutrient requirements for work at high altitudes / Reed W. Hoyt, Arnold Honig.
Oxidative stress at high altitudes and effects of Vitamin E / I. Simon-Schnass.
Performance in cold and in high-altitude environments.
Effects of altitude on cognitive performance and mood states / Barbara Shukitt-Hale, Harris R. Liberman.
Food components and other treatments that may enhance mental performance at high altitudes and in the cold / Harris R. Liberman, Barbara Shukitt-Hale. This book reviews the research pertaining to nutrient requirements for working in cold or in high-altitude environments and states recommendations regarding the application of this information to military operational rations. It addresses whether, aside from increased energy demands, cold or high-altitude environments elicit an increased demand or requirement for specific nutrients, and whether performance in cold or high-altitude environments can be enhanced by the provision of increased amounts of specific nutrients.