Table of Contents

Nature, purpose, and implications of research in nutrition / Alan Jackson, Stephen A. Wootton, Martin Wiseman.
Study design : population based studies / Janet Cade and Jayne Hutchinson.
Study design : intervention studies / Jayne V. Woodside, Robert W. Welch, Chris C. Patterson, and Michelle C. McKinley.
Methods to determine dietary intake / Nadia Slimani, Heinz Freisling, Anne-Kathrin Illner, and Inge Huybrechts.
Food composition / Barbara Burlingame and Ruth Charrondiere.
Biomarkers of intake / Gunter Kuhnle.
Methods of data analysis / Graham Horgan.
Considerations when including ethnically diverse population groups in nutrition research / Maria J. Maynard.
Use of biobanks in nutrition research / Kurt Zatloukal, Pieter vant Veer, Christian Viertler, Marc Jeroen, and Peter Hollman.
Methods investigating food related behaviour / Monique Raats, Liisa Lahteenmaki, and Moira Dean.
Methods for assessing nutritional status and body composition / Peter Murgatroyd, Les J.C. Bluck, and Laura Watson.
Energy expenditure and intake methods / Klaas R. Westerterp.
Application of "omics" technologies / Helen Roche, Baukje De Roos, and Lorraine Brennan.
Epigenetics / John C. Mathers.
Nutrient-gene interactions / Anne Marie Minihane.
Data analytical methods for the application of systems biology in nutrition / Corrado Priami and Melissa J. Morine.
Stable isotopes in nutrition research / Margot Umpleby and Barbara A. Fielding.
Animal models in nutrition research / Andrew M. Salter.
Cellular models in nutrition research / Kathleen M. Botham.
Translation of nutrition research / Judith Buttriss.