Table of Contents

Clinically relevant carbohydrate metabolism.
Clinically relevant fat metabolism.
Clinically relevant protein metabolism.
Overview of clinically relevant micronutrient metabolism.
Diet, weight regulation, and obesity.
Diet, diabetes mellitus, and insulin resistance.
Diet, atherosclerosis, and ischemic heart disease.
Diet and hypertension.
Diet and hemostasis.
Diet and cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular disease.
Diet and immunity.
Diet and cancer.
Diet and hematopoiesis: nutritional anemias.
Diet, bone metabolism, and osteoporosis.
Diet and respiratory diseases.
Diet and renal disease.
Diet and hepatobiliary disease.
Diet and common gastrointestinal disorders.
Diet, dyspepsia, and peptic ulcer disease.
Diet and rheumatologic disease.
Diet and neurologic disorders.
Diet and dermatoses.
Diet and wound healing.
Food allergy and intolerance.
Eating disorders.
Malnutrition and cachexia.
Diet, pregnancy, and lactation.
Diet and the menstrual cycle.
Diet and early development: pediatric nutrition.
Diet and adolescence.
Diet and senescence.
Ergogenic effects of foods and nutrients: diet and athletic performance.
Endocrine effects of diet: phytoestrogens.
Diet, sleep-wake cycles, and mood.
Diet and cognitive function.
Diet and vision.
Diet and dentition.
Hunger, appetite, taste, and satiety.
Health effects of chocolate.
Health effects of ethanol.
Health effects of coffee.
Macronutrient food substitutes.
Vegetarianism, veganism, and macrobiotic diets.
Culture, evolutinary biology, and the determinants of dietary preference.
Dietary recommendations for health promotion and disease prevention.
Models of behavior modification for diet and activity patterns and weight management.
Dietary counseling in clinical practice.