Table of Contents

Cutaneous changes in nutritional diseases.
Skin aging.
Non-melanoma skin cancer.
Skin barrier function.
Botanical antioxidants for skin protection: an overview.
Systemic photoprotection by carotenoids.
Systemic and topical use of green tea polyphenols for healthy skin.
Flavonoid-rich nutrients for the skin.
Omega-3 fatty acids and skin.
Potential benefits of soy for skin, hair, and nails.
Photoprotection by nicotinamide.
Probiotics and regulation of immune responses.
Prebiotic cosmetics.
Micronutrients for hair and nails.
Legal aspects: how do food supplements differ from drugs, medical devices, and cosmetic products?.
How to prove safety and efficacy in nutrition-based intervention studies for human skin.
Beauty from inside: nutrition-based strategies in cosmetic dermatology. This extraordinary reference describes the scientific basis, summarizes the existing evidence that functional food for skin really works, and addresses the key questions asked by dermatologists and patients when it comes to practical aspects of nutrition based strategies in clinical and cosmetical dermatology. It is believed that this helpful guide will become the golden standard, the 'bible' for this given topic, which will be used by dermatologists, industry people and interested patients.