Table of Contents

Nursing informatics : transforming nursing / Marion J. Ball ... [et al.].
Strategies for culture change / Patricia Hinton Walker.
TIGER collaboratives and diffusion / Diane J. Skiba, Donna Dulong, and Susan K. Newbold.
Networking advancing nursing informatics / Susan K. Newbold.
Education and faculty development / Diane J. Skiba and Mary Anne Rizzolo.
Competencies : nuts and bolts / Connie Delaney and Brian Gugerty.
Updated academic programs / Carole A. Gassert and Susan K. Newbold.
Continuing education and staff development / Joan M. Kiel and Elizabeth Johnson.
Leadership collaborative / Judy Murphy and Dana Alexander.
Challenging leadership status quo / Roy L. Simpson.
Bridging technology : academe and industry / Pamela R. Jeffries ... [et al.].
The evolving national informatics landscape / Carolyn Padovano and Alicia Morton.
Standards and interoperability / Joyce Sensmeier and Elizabeth Casey Halley.
Usability and clinical application design / Nancy Staggers and Michelle R. Troseth.
Evidence-based clinical decision support / Diane Hanson.
Personal health record : managing personal health / Charlotte Weaver and Rita Zielstorff.
Disruptive innovation : point of care / John S. Silva, Nancy Seybold, and Marion J. Ball.
Extending care : voice technology / Debra M. Wolf, Amar Kapadia, and Pam Selker Rak.
Nursing's contribution : and external viewpoint / Mark Hagland.
Transforming care : discovery enabled by health information technology / Barbara B. Frink and Asif Dhar.
Local global access : virtual learning environment / Beth L. Elias ... [et al.].
Invisibility to visibility : capturing essential nursing information / Kathryn J. Hannah and Margaret Ann J. Kennedy.
Health telematics Europe / Ursula Hübner.
Evolution : nursing informatics in Brazil / Heimar F. Marin ... [et al.].
Taiwan model : nursing informatics training / Polun Chang and Ming-Chuan Kuo. Like the three editions that preceded it, this new edition targets markets in health care practice and educational settings. It addresses practicing nurses and nursing students, together with nursing leadership and nursing faculty. It speaks to nursing informatics specialists and - in a departure from earlier editions of this title - to all nurses, regardless of their specialty, extending its usefulness as a text as noted below. In recognition of the evolving electronic health information environment and of interdisciplinary health care teams, the book is designed to be of interest to members.