Table of Contents

Background / Martha Craft-Rosenberg and Marilyn J. Krajicek-- Access to health care / Marie L. Lobo.
Health care home: ensuring access to a regular health care provider / Julia Muennich Cowell and Kathryn Swartwout.
Family partnerships in nursing care / Janet A. Deatrick.
Culturally responsive care / Rose M. Mays.
Enhancement of family support systems / Martha K. Swartz and Kathleen Knafl.
Genetic assessment and counseling / Janet K. Williams.
Supporting emotional health / Ann Marie McCarthy and Shelly Eisbach.
Providing for physical safety / Marilyn J. Krajicek and Barbara U. Hamilton.
Protecting the right to privacy and confidentiality of information / Ann M. Rhodes.
Health promotion, maintenance, and disease prevention / Judith B. Igoe.
Care for children and youth with disabilities or special health care needs / Wendy M. Nehring.
Palliative care for children and families / Margaret M. Mahon.
Health and behavior risk assessment / Judith Vessey.
Developmental transition care: children, youth, and families receive care that supports development / Cecily Betz.
Translating research into practice / Charmaine Kleiber.
Interdisciplinary models of care / Roxie Foster. Annotation Written by nationally recognized experts, this book provides the gold standard of nursing care for infants, children, and families, including implications for children and families. Through systematic consensus building led by the American Academy of Nursing's Child Family Expert Panel over a 4-year period, leaders of 12 nursing organizations have used their own organizational standards to identify the core elements required for successful nursing excellence