Table of Contents

Part 1. Understanding staffing. 1. Nursing fundamentals for staffing.
2. The current state of staffing.
Part 2. Researching & operationalizing safe staffing principles and practice 3. Start with understanding your unit's care delivery model.
4. Maximize the capacity and capabilities of your RN workforce.
5. Analyze and allow everyone to fully practice.
6. Recognize, manage, and maximize your variability.
7. Target technology that improves staffing and outcomes.
8. Pulling your data together.
Part 3. Staffing tools and models. 9. Staffing in rural and critical access hospitals.
10. Outside the hospital walls.
11. Staffing documents. As a part of the Nurse Manager's Guide series, this book gives a rounded understanding of the complexities of staffing and care delivery without focusing on a narrow view of traditional staffing. This book provides easy to understand examples to obtain quality outcomes, staff satisfaction, and patient satisfaction and safety. The Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing provides models, figures, examples, important notes and stories, and learning moments from managers throughout each chapter..
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