Table of Contents

Preface / Pertti Sarala.
Comparison of different techniques for basal till sampling in mineral exploration / Pertti Sarala.
Novel technologies for indicator mineral-based exploration / Marja Lehtonen, Yann Lahaye, Hugh O'Brien, Sari Lukkari, Jukka Marmo and Pertti Sarala.
Portable XRF : an advanced on-site analysis method in till geochemical exploration / Pertti Sarala, Anne Taivalkoski and Jorma Valkama.
A novel spatial analysis approach for assessing regional-scale mineral prospectivity in northern Finland / Johanna Torppa, Maarit Middleton, Eija Hyvönen, Jouni Lerssi and Stephen Fraser.
3D/4D geological modelling of the Hietakero and Vähäkurkkio areas in the Lätäseno Schist Belt, Enontekiö, northern Finland / Tuomo Karinen, Ilkka Lahti and Jukka Konnunaho.
Geological lineament interpretation using the object-based image analysis approach : results of semi-automated analyses versus visual interpretation / Maarit Middleton, Tilo Schnur, Peter Sorjonen-Ward and Eija Hyvönen.
Audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) measurements: A new tool for mineral exploration and upper crustal research at the Geological Survey of Finland / Ilkka Lahti.
ArjunGUI : 2D modelling and inversion software for airborne time-domain EM data / Markku Pirttijärvi and Heikki Salmirinne.
Calculation of the derived Bouguer anomaly using the equivalent source method based on joint inversion of ground gravity and airborne gravity gradient data / Heikki Salmirinne and Markku Pirttijärvi. Novel technologies for greenfield exploration. Mineral exploration and mapping within thick glacial overburden, peatlands and different conservation areas is demanding, sensitive and expensive. The best practices for mineral exploration (techniques and concepts) from cost and environmental perspectives have been developed in the project 'Novel technologies for greenfield exploration' funded by Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes). Essential exploration techniques include the concurrent use of geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys. These techniques allow the location and thorough investigation of the geological processes responsible for mineral deposits and indications of ore-forming processes, or in suitable conditions, the direct identification of mineral deposits. The efficiency and success of exploration require not only high quality data processing and interpretation, but also the consideration of environmental aspects, which are particularly important in sensitive northern, sub-Arctic areas. The results and methodological advances arising from this project could particularly serve companies and organizations conducting grass root mineral exploration in a regional scale. The techniques can also be adopted in target-scale exploration.