Table of Contents

Jacques Derrida : -a life.
In the event.
That's life, death.
The limits of my language.
Derrida's "eighteenth century".
Write, he wrote.
Beginnings and ends.
Salut à Jacques.
Jacques Derrida in America.
Foreign language (Jacques Derrida and me).
Wormwords. Since the death of Jacques Derrida in 2004, Geoffrey Bennington, a close friend and collaborator, has elucidated the philosopher's complex thought, especially his persistent interrogation of life and death, mourning and melancholia, and what Derrida sometimes called "half-mourning." Bennington relates this "ethical" interruption of mourning to the persistent but still ill-understood motif of interrupted teleology, which, it is argued here, is definitive of deconstruction. He moves through the whole of Derrida's rich and varied corpus.