Table of Contents

Getting the basics rights. Overview of indications for non-invasive respiratory support / A.K. Simonds.
Equipment for non-invasive ventilation : ventilators, interfaces, and accessories / A.K. Simonds.
Setting up a non-invasive ventilation service / A.K. Simonds.
Acute indications for NIV Non-invasive ventilation in acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / M.W. Elliott.
Continuous positive airway pressure and non-invasive ventilation in neuromuscular disease, chest wall disorders, and cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis / A.K. Simonds.
Starting non-invasive ventilation : practical aspects / A.K. Simonds.
Cough assistance and physiotherapy aspects of the patient requiring non-invasive positive pressure ventilation / M. Chatwin.
Problem-solving in acute non-invasive ventilation / S. Heather, M. Chatwin, and A.K. Simonds.
Intensive care, emergency department, and perioperative indications for NIV. Non-invasive ventilation and post-extubation respiratory failure / S. Nava and A. Carlucci.
Weaning using non-invasive ventilation / B. Schönhofer.
Non-invasive ventilation in the emergency department, for transferring patients, and during intercurrent procedures / A.K. Simonds.
Selection of patients and outcome of long term non-invasive ventilation. Assessment and selection of patients for home ventilation / A.K. Simonds.
Home non-invasive ventilation in restrictive disorders and stable neuromuscular disease / A.K. Simonds.
Home ventilation in progressive disorders, quadriplegia, and palliative non-invasive ventilation / A.K. Simonds.
Non-invasive ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / M.W. Elliott.
Home ventilation in cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and diffuse interstitial lung disease / A.K. Simonds.
Discharge planning and problem-solving in long term non-invasive ventilation. Discharging the ventilator-dependent patient and the home ventilatory care network / A.K. Simonds.
Problem-solving and transitions in long-term non-invasive ventilation / A.K. Simonds.
Acute and chronic non-invasive ventilation in children. Non-invasive ventilation in acute respiratory failure in children / O. Norregaard.
Home ventilation in children / B. Fauroux.
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy in adults and children. Continuous positive airway pressure therapy for sleep disordered breathing in adults / A.K. Simonds.
Continuous positive airway pressure for sleep disordered breathing in children / A.K. Simonds.
Organisational, ethical, and medico-legal aspects of long term ventilation. Organization of home mechanical ventilation in Europe / S.J. Lloyd-Owen.
Ethical and medico-legal aspects of assisted ventilation / M.A. Branthwaite and J-P Garside --- Appendix 1: Suppliers of ventilatory equipment.
Appendix 2: Useful contact addresses and websites.